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22 февраля - 10 марта 2013


Маршрут экспедиции (обновленный)

Dates Itinerary
1st Day: Arrival to Lima:
February 22nd We will pick you up from the airport upon
arrival and take you to the hotel in Lima.
2nd Day: Lima tour:
February 23rd We will pick you up at 09.00 hrs from your
hotel to visit the pyramids in Lima; those were
built 1,500 years ago. Also we will visit The
main Square of Lima and The Archaeological
Museum. Back to the hotel and free evening.
3rd Day: Bus to Paracas:
February 24th About 4AM we will take you in a private
transportation to Paracas, there we will take
you to the boat to Ballestas Islands.
Ballestas Islands tour:
In the morning, you will go on a boat to tour
these islands that are the habitat of sea lions,
penguins, pelicans and thousands of birds. If
you are lucky you might see dolphins. The
boat ride lasts 2 hours.
Bus to Ica:
The private bus will take you to Ica (1hrs
Cabrera’s Museum and Regional’s
If time allows we will visit Cabrera’s Museum
to twatch the enigmatic stones or the
Regional Museum and the the history of Ica
Tour to the Ica desert:
In the afternoon you will ride in a "buggie"
through the sand dunes of this amazing
desert. You will have fun sliding down on a
sand-board too, or if you want can relax
during the sunset. Then we will take you back
to the hotel.
4th Day: Bus to Nazca:
February 25th The private will take you to Nazca, the ride
lasts 2 hours.
Nazca Lines:
Around 11AM, you will fly over the Nazca
Lines and discover this mystery of ancient
times. The flight lasts 35 minutes and you will
see many of those mysterious figures on the
desert. Then we will take you back to the
hotel to enjoy the hotel’s pool.
5th Day: Bus to Arequipa:
February 26th Very early in the morning a private bus will
take you to Arequipa. The journey lasts
8hours. The ride along the coast and then up
to the volcanic area of Arequipa is
6th Day: Tour to the Colca Canyon: 1st day
February 27th At 8 AM a private bus will take you to Chivay
town in the Colca valley. Along the road you
will see volcanoes, llamas, alpacas and
vicuñas. You will arrive to Chivay town at
12.30 PM, after lunch, you will have a bath in
some wonderful hot-springs, so don’t forget to
bring your swimsuit.
7th Day: Tour to the Colca Canyon: 2nd day
February 28th Early in the morning you will have a ride along
the valley until the “cruz del condor” lookout
point a perfect spot to watch the “condors” on
their daily flights. Afterwards, you will return to
Chivay town to lunch. Then the bus will take
you to Puno, you will arrive there around
8th Day: Excursion to lake Titicaca:
March 1st In the morning, you will take a boat to visit the
Uros and Amantani islands. The first stop is
the Uros islands, known as the "floating
islands" because they are made with totora
(reed) by its inhabitants. Then, you will
continue to the Amantani island by boat also.
There, you will be welcome by the community
and you will stay with a local family in their
house. After lunch, you will watch the sunset
on the lake. In the night, you will be the guest
of a local party with the people of the
9th Day: Journey Amanti-Amaru Muru-Copacabana
March 2nd After breakfast, you will continue to Llachon
Bolivia to catch the bus to Puno, to take the luggage
you need for the journey to Copacabana. ON
the way we will visit Amaru Muru Portal. We
will arrive to Copacabana to Copacabana to
catch the boat to the Sun Island. Lunch we
will provided on the boat. After the excursion
we will take you to your hotel.
10th Day: Journey to Tiwanacu:
March 3rd Early in the morning you will be picked up for
your bus ride to Tiwanacu .It takes about 4
hours box lunch included.
Bolivia After the tour we will return to back to Puno.
11th Day: Journey to Cusco:
March 4th In the morning (8 AM), you will start your
journey to Cusco by bus. Along the path you
will see wonderful sceneries of Andean
Visit to Sillustani towers and Wiracocha
On the way to Cusco we will visit Sillustani,
this is a preinca and inca cemetery, it has a
very impressive view, where you can
meditate. Couple of hours later we will visit
Racchi or Wiracocha Temple, this is an Inca
site built during the early years of the Inca
12th Day: Tour Sacred Valley: 1st Day
March 5th Tour to the towns Pisac and Ollantaytambo
all located in the Urubamba Valley. In every
town you will visit Inca Temples and different
local Indian markets. Along the bus ride you
will have wonderful views over the valley, his
mountains and the river. Overnight in
13th Day: Tour Sacred Valley: 3rd Day
March 6th At 9 AM we will pick you up to visit Maras’ salt
mines and Moray. The first is a complex of
terraces where the locals harvest salt from a
natural spring. The second is an interesting
Inca site with circular terraces where the
Incas did farming experimentations.  We will
return to Ollantaytambo to catch the train.
Train to Machu Picchu:
From Ollantaytambo you will take the train to
Aguas Calientes town, located at 1.30
minutes. Upon arrival we will take you to your
14th Day: Machu Picchu Tour:
March 7th Early in the morning you will take the bus up
to Machu Picchu to meet your group and
guide. You will have a guided tour for 2 hours;
afterwards you will have free time to explore
the ruins by yourself. Also you can climb
Huayana Picchu mountain that has
spectacular view. Then you you will take the
bus back to Aguas Calientes.
Train to Cusco:
You will catch the train to Cusco, you will
arrive there around 9PM.
15th Day: Flight to Lima
March 8th We will take you to the airport to catch the
plane to Lima. Flight Lima-Moscow


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